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An unplanned coincidence turning into a mission, from being local to going global, from being shy to getting popular, from getting inspired to being empowered, life of Nandita is a true inspiration where she has reached great heights yet being grounded with her feet on Earth. Her life is no less than a roller coaster ride – A medical aspirant who became an engineer and then got into management and a paradigm shift to an Extreme Adventure.

Born in Hubli, Karnataka, 2nd largest city which is not exposed to adventures, extreme sports, with limited resources for experimenting new things and a conservative Cultural background, she took life the way it came and started accepting the changes, challenges and adventures and ultimately turned them into her passion and defined the mission of her life. She graduated as an Engineer in Computer Science from B.V.B. College of Engineering, Hubli and then pursued MBA in International Business from Coventry University, England. She stepped into the corporate World as a Marketing Manager and has worked with New World Groups.

In 2014, Nandita was working in the UK that she decided to take up trekking as a hobby and that was it. Little did she know that this would mark the turning point of her career. Representing the nation gave her the immense pride. The Indian tricolour was the flagship for all the expeditions. Most people choose the easy way. Only a few choose the unchosen. One of them is mountaineering and extreme adventure. In spite of being it known as dangerous, risky and expensive, she chose this sport with a lot of gut and grit. Like every other person she could have had secure and stable career but the urge of doing something big and to stand out of the crowd made her think otherwise. This was the pivotal moment when she chose passion over profession, and returned to India in the pursuit of glory and achievement for her Nation.

Nandita's Vision

Nandita’s dreams are as big as the Everest and as deep as the ocean as she not only aspires for herself but for others too. She envisions to conquer all the seven summits and being a social entrepreneur, where she can pave a road map for the improvement of youth, women of India and across the world and carve a niche for herself. There is an inexlored connect between nature and real life, and not many of us get explore it, she being one of the few global citizens aspires to use this experience to live life to the fullest and explore opportunities that connect people across Nation and strengthen Ties.

She aspires to conquer the 7 Summits of the world.



Asia – Mt. Everest(Southcol)   Summit Details

Australia Oceania – Carstensz Pyramid  Summit Details

Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro  Summit Details

Europe – Mt. Elbrus  Summit Details


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