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"Nandita's MOUNT KILIMANJARO Expedition"

Nandita Nagangoudar is the First Civilian Woman from Karnataka State (India) to climb Mount Everest (South Col) which is the highest peak in Asia and on Earth. She has also climbed CARSTENSZ PYRAMID - The Highest peak in Australia-Oceania and has Now climbed the Highest peak in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the Highest peak in African continent and is popularly known as the Roof of Africa. Its the largest Volcanic Mountain in the World. Its a non technical climb but takes a heavy toll on the climber as the walk is extremely tedious. It is located on the equator and hence the sharp rays of the sun makes the region very hot. The route taken was Machame route which is also known as the Whiskey route and is also a very risky route. The route is also surrounded by Ice Glaciers which makes the region very cold. So its a mixture of extreme heat and extreme cold which the climbers have to bear. A team of 11 people along with 1 guide have been to this expedition out of which only 2 people were from India and Nandita Nagangoudar was the only Woman from India. Only 4 hours of rest was allowed everyday and the only food available was boiled vegetables. Yet, Nandita's passion for Mountaineering is so high that she enjoys the trek the more difficult it gets. She is a fighter and has made India proud again. The journey began on 14th Sep 2017 and was successfully completed on 20th Sep 2017. This is Nandita's WOUNDS TO WISDOM Story and we urge the Readers to encourage and support her by sharing this story as much possible as this would motivate more Youngsters and especially Women to pursue one's passion and take risks in Life in order to achieve something Incredible.